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Filter bubbles

A bubble or echo chamber occurs when individuals only get exposure to knowledge and opinions which meet their own preferences and beliefs. A filter bubble occurs as a result of algorithms delivering personalised content online. The downside to living in a bubble being you no longer obtain exposure to other viewpoints.

A banker’s bubble might narrow their viewpoint down to an evaluation of services based on the ability to make money. A lawyer’s bubble might narrow their viewpoint down to an engagement in activities which build their own reputation. A technologist’s pursuit of innovation might occur in a bubble where they fail to consider the ramifications and risks to end users associated with their success.

For 2019, one of our aims as an organisation will be to take you outside of your comfort zone. Why? Because, as tech savvy lawyers or law–hungry technologists, abreast of the ACCC’s recent findings on digital platforms, delivering you the thinking you prefer or already hear is probably not what we should be doing.

Delivering the thinking that takes you beyond commercial interests and instead frames you as a crossover of lawyer / technologist / humanitarian, or that demands you to think as a designer and craftsman of laws and frameworks for delivering legal services – well, this might just be our mandate.

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