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ANNOUCEMENT: In light of the ongoing and worsening COVID-19 situation and with many people now working from home until further notice, the VSCL will need to suspend all future events until further notice, to avoid gatherings of people. 

Therefore, the VSCL will now need to cancel our LPLC – Cyber risk, insurance and professional responsibilities event due to be held on Thursday, 26 March 2020.

We appreciate your understanding.

News / 07.02.2019

A bubble or echo chamber occurs when individuals only get exposure to knowledge and opinions which meet their own preferences and beliefs. A filter bubble occurs as a result of algorithms delivering personalised content online. The downside to living in a bubble being you no longer obtain exposure to other viewpoints. A banker’s bubble might narrow their viewpoint down to an evaluation of services based on the ability to make money. A lawyer’s bubble might narrow their viewpoint down to an engagement in activities which build their own reputation. A technologist’s pursuit of innovation might occur in a bubble where they fail...

News / 20.07.2018

In light of the EU's record-breaking € 4.3 billion antitrust fine against Google for its Android system, let's discuss what it means to compete with digital platform intermediaries in an online world. Join us for our next panel discussion taking place at Melbourne Law School on Thursday 2 August 2018 from 6 to 7:30pm. Please register here: ...

News / 13.06.2018

If you are a drone enthusiast and have views to share with the VSCL on UAV regulation, we look forward to seeing you at our discussion group event next Thursday at KWM! Follow this link to register: ...

Events / 26.07.2017

Please see below for details of this new innovative legal forum - The Legal Forecast’s official Victorian launch, which will take place on 2 August 2017. For further details, please see:

News / 26.05.2016

Members have access to the online presentations when available from our monthly seminars -  Just login (top right corner of site) to access the member resources page....